About Us

Ruben Martinez; Ruben is a sociologist with interests in, among other things, the impact of neoliberalism on Latinos. A native of northern New Mexico, he grew up in an acequia community governed by collective values and concern for the environment. Having come of age at the close of the Sixties, he believes global neoliberalism is an extremist ideology and movement that pursues short-term profits while putting societies, humankind, and the planet at risk of collapse. Needed are sensible alternatives that center on humans, democratic practices, and the sustainability of the planet.

Adalberto Aguirre, Jr; As a sociologist, Adalberto is originally from South Texas.? Born into a family of migrant farmworkers, he experienced the hardships of the migrant stream and the agricultural fields in his youth.? He came of age in San Francisco, California, at the height of the Sixties and views himself as a migrant farmworker working in the academy, assuming and using those lens to examine the patterns of oppression and exploitation of Latinos in the United States.

Lorenzo Roberto Almada; Lorenzo is enjoying his post-retirement career as a writer and blogger. He draws from his experience growing up in East Los Angeles, having personally witnessed how oppression and discrimination can devastate entire segments of humanity at the behest of the privileged ruling class. As a social activist, Lorenzo fights for equal rights and treatment under the law for all marginalized people. Lorenzo has served as a member of the Chicano Political Economy Collective while teaching at UC Berkeley in the nineteen-eighties where he first began promoting critical consciousness.

Neoliberalism & Latinos