This blog is dedicated to making the concept, movement, and politics of neoliberalism easy to understand by providing critical articles that shed light on how neoliberal ideology frames issues, expose the aims of neoliberal policies, and assess how they impact Latinos and the larger society.? The objective is to expose the threat of neoliberal policies to social democracy and democracy in general. We, the contributors to this blog, believe it is important that Latinos understand and identify neoliberal elements when they are implemented in stealth mode at all levels here in the U.S. Our blog visitors are encouraged to sign-up and participate in our ongoing discussions on the form of neoliberalism and it?s many aspects here in the United States. If there is something in particular you would like to contribute to our understanding of neoliberalism as it impacts Latinos, please feel free to post your insights regarding one of our posts or contact us if you wish to contribute more substantially.?

May 1 March