Beyond Neoliberalism

Trickle Down

It is clear that neoliberalism, which is based on greed and the desire for unlimited wealth, lacks a humanistic philosophy and cannot provide a desirable vision for a better society.? Instead, based as it is on infinite growth, it propels us toward the destruction of the planet as each generation of capitalists seeks to attain short-term profits at the expense of all future generations.? There must be a grander vision for humanity than that provided by free market fundamentalism.? To this end, we must take seriously the ideas of Roberto Unger and other thinkers who are willing to imagine new structures for society; structures that provide for lives without poverty so that people can develop their faculties, lead meaningful lives, and contribute substantively to a better world.? Letting the one percent lead lives of opulence while using the state and the military to promote and protect their status in society relegates the rest of humanity to lives of social suffering.? The current structures are both human-made and changeable.? We must transcend the issues that divide us (racism, sexism, homophobia, religious bigotry, and elitism) and affirm our common humanity so that we can envision a better world.? Neoliberalism will destroy the planet for all humanity, and these divisive issues will matter naught then.? Instead, we should unite on behalf of an inclusive humanity that envisions a world beyond neoliberalism.